superb 0.95.1 (May 12th, 2022) Unreleased

  • Corrected the bug from (kept bugging me!)
  • Reduced image resolution in vignettes

superb 0.95.0 (May 10th, 2022) 2022-05-11

  • Added a new layout to display precision using a band rather than error bars
  • changed numbering of versions to two-digits version code.

superb (January 15th, 2022) Unreleased

  • Corrected a problem in the order of the conditions when more then 10 were present.

superb (December 10th, 2021) 2021-12-05

  • Corrected a few typos.
  • The population size in superbShiny() was limited to 99,999. Corrected.

superb (November 19th, 2021) 2021-10-20

  • Added a vignette for superb with SPSS
  • Corrected superbShiny to show the doi and remove graphic directives
  • Updated the version to match this one

superb (November 4th, 2021) 2021-10-04

  • corrected one bug regarding variables with similar names
  • integrated tibble data format into superb
  • some output were missing in VignetteC and a backtick missing in VignetteA

superb (June 23rd, 2021) 2021-06-23

  • official release on CRAN of superb with the graphical user interface superbShiny();
  • small changes to vignette TheMakingOf;

superb (June 18th, 2021) Unreleased

  • beta release of superbShiny(), a graphical user interface to facilitate the use of superbPlot.

superb (May 28th, 2021) Unreleased

  • Added a vignette on how to implement Reference Intervals (RI) into superb;
  • Implemented makeTransparent() to ease the creation of plots with multiple error bars;
  • Added a distinct vertical color, vcolor, to the geom_superberrorbar();
  • Added an argument “WSDesign” (default = “fullfactorial”) when the within-subject factors are not full-factorial;
  • Added a vignette on how to plot non-full factorial datasets.

superb (April 30th, 2021) Unreleased

  • Integrated an example of robust statistic in Vignette/Article 4: the 20% trimmed mean and its confidence interval;
  • Added showSignificance() to annotate group differences;
  • Added a note when missing data are in the dataframe;
  • Added automatic handling of initializers (see Vignette/Article 9 for an example);
  • Added a vignette dedicated to how to illustrate Cohen’s d;
  • Added a geom_superberrorbar() with additional options for the tip markers;
  • … all this on its way to the next release version, codename: “two-tail 95% confident”. Stay tune as the best is still to come (and it is shiny!)

superb (April 13th, 2021) 2021-04-21

  • Second release on CRAN, codename “95% confident”
  • Expanded documentation once more

superb (April 10th, 2021) Unreleased

  • Added two vignettes

superb (April 7th, 2021) Unreleased

  • Problem with CAPITAL grd corrected
  • Rounded the numbers in the messages to 4 decimals (that should be more than enough!)
  • All the message/warnings/stop generated by suberb are now prefixed with “superb::”
  • Added function WelchDegreeOfFreedom()
  • Added a message that indicate tryon adjustment value
  • Added a vignette on Welch, Tryon & superb

superb (April 1st, 2021) Unreleased

  • Implemented the raincloud plots
  • Converted messages from warning() to message()

superb (March 2021) Unreleased

  • Expanded function names lambda, epsilon
  • Made built-in bootstrap estimators for SE and PI
  • Renamed option “debug” into “feedback”
  • Changed debug information for GRD
  • Converted in GRD the level ranges, e.g., “diff(1,5)”, into numeric levels

superb (March 2021) Unreleased

  • Added superbData as a shortcut to superbPlot(… showPlot = FALSE)
  • Changed debug information for suberbPlot and superbData
  • Created a logo and improved web pages
  • Revised documentation

superb (March 2021) 2021-03-20

  • Initial release of the R version on CRAN
  • Added optional argument facetParams to the plotting functions
  • Made the plot function customizable
  • Wrote vignettes

superb (September 2020) Unreleased

  • Beta release of superb on GitHub
  • Renamed to superb (SUmmary Plot with ERror Bars)
  • packaged together GRD and MeanPlot
  • Added pre and post-processing operators
  • Transcoded MeanPlot from Mathematica to R

MeanPlot 0.5.0 (March 2017) Unreleased

  • Last stable version maintained on Mathematical; Cousineau (2017) doi:10.5709/acp-0214-z
  • Updated legend manipulation following the release of Mathematica 9.0

MeanPlot 0.4.x and prior (2009-2015) Unreleased

  • Development versions of MeanPlot on the Mathematica framework
  • Added “popSize” and “CRS” from Cousineau & Laurencelle (2016) doi:10.1037/met0000055
  • Grouped the various adjustments into an “adjustments” list
  • Added LM decorrelation method